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The Neptune Beach Community Vision Plan is nearing completion of its initial phase, which marks the first step in a three-phase initiative aimed at gathering broad input from Neptune Beach residents to establish a long-term vision for the city’s future. This process precedes the updating of the city’s comprehensive plan and land development regulations in Phases 2 and 3, respectively. The primary goal is to unite the community in envisioning what Neptune Beach should aspire to as it matures.

During the Vision Plan Phase, the Dover, Kohl & Partners Team collaborated with the City of Neptune Beach, local stakeholders, and the public to discern the city’s growth trajectory and identify key areas for investment. Over the past winter and early spring, the Consultant Team and the City hosted various events including a Kick-Off Presentation, Neighborhood Workshops, and a Citywide Charrette. These gatherings facilitated close interaction between the team and residents, allowing for the development of a shared vision that authentically represents the community’s needs and aspirations.

Moving forward, residents will have multiple opportunities to engage with the team during Phases 2 and 3, providing feedback both in person and online through designated channels.

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Neptune Beach is gearing up to revamp its comprehensive plan and zoning regulations. To align these updates with the community’s aspirations for the city’s future, a citywide visioning process has been initiated. Dive deeper into this public endeavor and discover the significance of a design charrette by exploring the About page.


Join in the public engagement and contribute to shaping the future of Neptune Beach! Explore the Events page to stay updated on upcoming presentations and workshops.




Participating in a public visioning process might feel overwhelming at times. To support you along the way, we’ll be sharing various resources such as educational materials, foundational information, maps of Neptune Beach, and videos showcasing best practices in planning and urban design. Keep yourself informed by visiting the Resources page, where you’ll find PowerPoint presentations, memos, and drafts of the Vision Plan as they become available throughout the process. Be sure to check back regularly for updates!